Saturday, 25 May 2024
17 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1445


Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)

The programme is designed to produce graduates with a strong pharmaceutical and clinical background as well as a high interest in pharmacy entrepreneurship. With the current job saturation of pharmacists in the public sector, future graduates can no longer expect to easily find jobs waiting for them in government hospitals. Therefore, a new paradigm is needed to instil a culture of ‘job creators’ among them.

Exposure to community pharmacy practice is made very early in the program in the form of regular retail pharmacy attachments. With this early exposure to pharmacy practice in the community setting, students are able to identify and establish their roles and functions in the community.
Students will obtain their clinical experience during the final year of the program. They will have sufficient experience working with and handling drug related issues with customers/patients, and they bring these experiences into their final year clinical and hospital clerkships. Such prior exposures will help enrich their final year clerkships in the hospital setting.

Programme Objectives

The aim of the programme is:
i. To provide a foundation for the purpose of planning and facilitating activities regarding administration, management and handling of academic programs relating to pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.
ii. To provide cutting-edge facilities to support the development and expansion of the main professional program, that is, the bachelor of pharmacy program.
iii. To serve as a centre for the planning, development and expansion of quality multi-disciplinary post graduate programs relating to pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences to meet the national and international needs.
iv. To explore and establish research activities, publication, and consultation in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences that will lead to the establishment of centers of excellence which will become reputable centers of reference.
v. To lead the provision of community services towards increasing the quality of health care through continuous health education, and rational drug use.